FC 25ReasonsPool

"25 Reasons You Shouldn't Take Your Cat to the Pool" is a children's book about being kind to animals, especially cats. 

This was an important issue at our house, since my son, Adam, would often harass his sister's pet cat and we had to constantly discuss it with him.  One day as we were getting ready to go to the swimming pool, he came up with the idea for the book, by stating to his dad and me that he could think of reasons A-to-Z why we shouldn't take the cat to the swimming pool.  We were proud of him that he finally understood the cat has feelings too, and we encouraged his sisters, both of whom want to become artists, to draw up the book. Natalia, the 11-year-old talent behind the comics, seemed to know how to capture the emotions of the characters perfectly, and Kasia, at 13, made beautiful backgrounds for Natalia's comics.  After a year of putting it off and cleaning it up on my part, this fine little book is published.  Check out a preview at 'Look Inside' on Amazon.com.  Hope you enjoy it!

Click here for more details on the book's website.

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