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Mintaka visits the fairy village

"The Nanuki Creations"

is a science-fiction fantasy story written in fairly simple language, with loads of dialog and fun.  If you like science fiction, fantasy creatures, "middle earth", or are interested in our ancient origins, the Annunaki, aliens, and paranormal, this story is for you.  It is simple enough for kids as young as 10, but is not limited to young people.  Contains 34 interior illustrations.


Wenki, heir of the throne on planet Nanau has been rejected from becoming emperor by the Council of Elders.  With his sister, Princess Minki, he runs away to Earth to start his own empire, kidnapping 175 Nanuki to help him.  They settle in South Africa, or "the Abu" as they name it, and set up a colony.  The work is too difficult for the Nanuki who are from a high-tech society, so Minki, who is a geneticist, spawns a bunch of mythological creatures to do the hard labor.  The adventure begins when one of their creations, a kappadu named Brella, learns their technology.