Presently living in Poland, I am 2D and 3D artist and animator accepting freelance artwork for websites, video, print, or games.



  • “Marsoludek” character and animations for Polish Television

  • “Dragon Wawelski and Friends” character, backgrounds, and animations for Polish Television

  • Oceanica Game by Spriteflight, Character Designs

  • Website comics and logo

  • Various other contracts, including logos, illustrating, and artwork

  • Writing and illustrating children's fiction books

Please visit to view the various projects and my portfolio


Work History

1997-2000    2D and 3D Artist

Sony Computer Entertainment, America in San Diego, California

Designed beautiful front-end and spell-casting work for a Playstation game called “Sorcery” Was lead artist on “Jet Moto 2124” Conceptulized the idea for the sequel and worked with Syd Meade, the artist behind the movies “Blade Runner” and “Tron” to design the look of the game. I kept the art team on the look during the production phase and worked over all the levels to keep an overall similarity.

1994-1997    2D and 3D Artist and Animator

Virgin Interactive Entertainment in Irvine, California

As a 2D animator for Toonstruck, I produced hundreds of background animations, montaged video footage of the actor, Christopher Lloyd whereever he interacted with game items. I also learned character design and made several animations for minor characters in the game. After Toonstruck, I learned 3D Studio Max while working on a 3D game, Sportscar.

1991-1994     Hand Color Separator for serigraph printing

Kolibri Art Studio in Torrance, California and Moross Art Studio in Gardena, California

The studios produced fine-quality reproduction prints of artists original paintings to sell world-wide. As a color-separator, I was given the original painting and hand-color-separated it for silk-screen printing. I quickly mastered every style of painting from impressionist brush-stroke to airbrushing. As most qualified artist at Kolibri A.S., I trained most of the other artists.

1989-1990     Paste-up artist

Unigraphics Print & Copy in East Lansing, Michigan

Although I had already layed out several magazines in Apple computer's Pagemaker for a student publication, Marketline Magazine, I devoted myself to the old-style process of preparing photos and text for print, cut and paste, layout and gluing. (I love computers!)


Current Software Knowledge

  • Blender (3D modeling and animation)

  • 3D Studio Max (to version 8)

  • Photshop and Gimp (image manipulaiton)

  • Corel Draw and Inkscape (vector graphics)

  • Kdenlive, (video editing)

  • Joomla! 3 (website development)

  • Many other programs, and I am quickly able to learn any new software



Graduated Michigan State University recieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Honors in 1990.

  • Traditional Classical Art Education from Kresge Art Center, MSU; life drawing, graphics, art history, with focus on print-making and graphic arts

  • Marketline Magazine: Layout, illustration, and managing staff artists and print production

  • Designed a tri-fold brochure for MSU Horticultural Garden Greenhouses

  • Cover Art for MSU Schedule of Courses, two semesters

  • Won a $2000 scholarship for my art education

  • Wall painting in the Student Services Building

  • Student exchange program to Great Britain to learn the art scene and museums of London and surroundings

I have also supplemented my education with a additional art classes, including animation and life-drawing from various California art schools.